Understanding analytic inverse kinematics


Due December 2, in lab

This worksheet is intended as a short 60 min exercise to be done in groups of 1-3 people.

In this question, you will work through the calculations needed to perform IK for a two-link chain on paper.

Remember that you can use python, octave, matlab, maple, our basecode or any other method to check your answers!

Suppose we have a 2-link chain as in class.


Reference: IK example

Suppose we wish to position \(p_3\) at a target position \(p_d = (-4,3,0)^T\)

Let’s use the analytic IK method for class to compute rotations for \(p_1\) and \(p_2\) such that \(p_3\) is located at \(p_d\).

Use polar coordinates to compute the orientation of joint 1

Find an angle/axis rotation to compute the orientation of joint 1